Text marketing tips

Tips for successful Text Marketing for restaurants campaigns

If you are not used to using this medium for marketing, you surely think that it does not have much mystery. In the background is a short text message, without possible creativity and that encourages action or reminder by the recipient of the message. However, the reality is quite different. I will surprise you.

Send a message that is notorious.

This may be valid for any communication your company makes, but in text marketing it is critical. If you have nothing important to say, and when I say important I mean IMPORTANT, you better not say it. Customers are bothered by messages via mobile, unless you tell them something that is really worth it. Send messages with added value, such as dates of special events, promotions, discounts, etc.

Define very well when to send the message.

As with the RRSS or email marketing, in SMS Marketing there are times to send and times when you should not do it under any circumstances. Among the most suitable moments to make the shipment, without a doubt, the best of them is when your customers are close to the moment of purchase, within their ‘customer journey map’. Imagine that you are a hotel that wants to encourage the appetizer in your cafeteria. Just at the time that the snack is usually taken, it can be a perfect time to make a shipment to customers staying at the hotel, offering a discount on the second drink, for example.

The good if it is short, is twice as good.

Do not worry about the limitation of SMS. Most people are bothered by long text messages, so try to shorten your message to the maximum and go straight to the point. That brevity, if you complete it with a powerful message, will provide you with success.

4. Do you want to enrich your database? Then use the draws. We all like to get free stuff. Use raffles or gifts in order to direct to a landing page where you collect that information about the client you need, or you can do it so through Wi-Fi marketing for restaurants, by giving free Wi-Fi to your clients; that’s how you use Wi-Fi marketing in a smart way 5. Avoid excessive abbreviations. I know you have many things to say to your clients and that 160 characters do not give you. It occurred to you to use the abbreviations to complete your message, but is it readable? Surely you say yes, but the perception of the receiver is not going to be good, believe me. The excessive use of abbreviations, facing the potential client, makes it seem unprofessional or written by a "colleague" quickly, and without spending time and love.


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