Keys to restaurant SEO

7 SEO tips for Restaurants

Search engine optimization of an ecommerce is a long-running process that becomes a challenge for the many variables you must control and the competitors that enter the scene. That is why we have prepared 8 SEO tips for ecommerce that you should not neglect.

  1. Keywords

Start on the right foot: study what are the central keywords in your business and apply them in the SEO on page. Long Tail works to access the market sector with less competition.

Image optimization

The images are responsible for a good percentage of traffic to your website from Google. Although the search engine recognizes basic colors, letters and identifies people in the images, it needs you to describe them in text. When uploading an image use a real filename. Avoid generic names like "image 1.jpg" that will not add value to the positioning.


Duplicate content penalizes positioning. Avoid including the information that you have by default from the product manufacturer that surely has replicated your competition. A touch of originality in tune with the ecommerce communication tone will favor not only your SEO but the differentiation with competitors.

Create a content strategy

Create a quality content strategy, differentiated and aimed at your target audience. Share your knowledge with the creation of your own blog with articles oriented to the interests and needs of the target of your online store, which will not only be useful but Google will reward the longest time spent on your website. Think of video tutorials in "Tasty" format that are so well received in social networks, and remenber to have a google my business account.

Loading speed

You can measure speed with Google Page Speed Insights Users are not patient: if your page does not load, they will migrate to the competition. Google gives relevance to web load times and penalizes slow sites. What is an acceptable charging time? Google considers a website's performance to be better than 85. One factor that influences the load is Hosting. Invest in quality hosting. Web hosting is also responsible for the loading time of the website.

Style structure Landings Pages

An ecommerce will sooner or later go through an Adwords advertising campaign, even if at some specific time such as Christmas parties. A page structure in Landigs Pages format (landing pages) will facilitate the implementation of Adwords campaigns with a smaller investment.

Lean on Social SEO

Social SEO will be a great ally in the positioning of your ecommerce as part of local SEO for restaurants. Build bridges with social networks through optimized publications on social networks in support of natural search engine positioning. Quality publications (interesting content, attractive image, real time content ...) within the social ecosystem will help score points to appear in Google search results SEO for my restaurant.


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