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Social media Marketing for restaurants on Instagram

Food enters through the eyes.Instagram Marketing for restaurants is a super powerful tool for catering businesses that want to attract customers and achieve more reservations. Instagram is the visual network par excellence with Pinterest, with the difference that Pinterest has more than 250 million users and Instagram has more than 1000 million.

Using Instagram for restaurants its key on your social media strategies for restaurants, it will help your restaurant business gain visibility, attract customers and increase sales. If you know how to use Instagram you can take advantage of your hospitality company and in a very economical way.

Why have an Instagram account as part of your social media for restaurants plan?

  1. It has more than 1000 million active users every month.
  2. It is the fastest growing social network, in fact, it has managed to double the number of users in just two years. It is the fashion network.
  3. The #food label has more than 310 million posts, yes, crazy!
  4. Being a very visual network, gastronomy is one of the most popular topics.
  5. When you post something on Instagram its reach is huge compared to other social networks. Instagram offers 58 times more interaction per follower than Facebook for restaurants.
  6. And best of all, the main reason why your food business should be present on Instagram, is that your customers come in every day.

Imagine the potential to do marketing for your restaurant on Instagram.

Facebook only shows your posts to 1% of your followers, twitter for restaurants has a similar rate of achieve, start using instagram now with strategy to highlight. Instagram is the preferred network of foodies or lovers of gastronomy, according to the foodisdigital study 77% of users are informed online about restaurants.

If your restaurant is not on the internet or does not have a strong digital presence, it does not exist, or at least, you are losing great business opportunities. Customers are digital, therefore, internet and social networks are the best allies to publicize your business, attract new customers and keep recurring customers.

Instagram is the icing on the cake for your digital strategy, it is the one with the greatest reach, the one that shows you the most and also, those passionate about gastronomy feel a weakness for this social network.


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