Rich snipets for restaurants

Rich Snippets types for restaurant marketing

Let's see now what types of Rich Snippets exist today and how to optimize your publications for your local SEO for restaurantsto help them appear in search engine results. Keep in mind that they are not something eternal or immovable, since Google is introducing or withdrawing types of snippets over time depending on their interests or current trends.

For example, years ago it affected the use of author snippets, which included a photo, but in mid-2014 he removed those images and soon afterwards the names also disappeared.

The featured Rich Snippet

The outstanding, relatively recent Rich Snippet is the biggest of the organic considerations that Google can grant to your content, since it will be showing it in a top box as the most indicated and relevant response for a particular user search.

Before, the ideal position for an article was to appear in number 1 of the SERPS. Now there is a zero position, which is that of the highlighted Rich snippet, that directly shows part of the content of your publication as a hook and just below your link. This generates more clicks, more visibility and higher conversion rate for the lucky ones that occupy that space.

How to achieve the outstanding Rich Snippet?

Well, Google itself does not officially give any parameter that guarantees to get so quoted as in the results, that it will only look over paid ads, if any. What we can do is optimize our content to be a serious candidate to become a prominent Rich snippet.

It is simply thinking of Google code,this wont apply for social media for restaurants. That is, if the search engine wants to give its users the most cheeky things possible, do the same and ask questions to which you can give the best answer. Then, make your texts with semantic wealth, using your keywords and keywords long-tails and derivatives, and you will have promising ballots to occupy such coveted space.

A Search Engine Land report notes that getting a theme in the featured Rich Snippet grew 51.65% in sessions while conversions skyrocketed from 2% to 8%. 2.1.2. Optimize content to be Rich Snippet featured Here the key is to know what people ask and the type of response they seek to find. Nothing more and nothing less. Google does all this looking to the future and with an eye on the growing use of voice searches through the smartphone.

A good way to "propose" our content is to title and / or articulate our keywords around questions such as "What is ...", "How to ...", "How", "How to ...", "Why …", etc. Moz compiled in a study on 1.4 million Rich Snippets the main question formulas (in the graph, in English): For that we would go directly into the usual process of keyword search, with the tool with which you feel more comfortable: Ahrefs, SEMRush,, Google Adwords keyword planner, etc.


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