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It is important to know that the analysis of keywords is one of the essential parts for an SEO strategy and in general for restaurant marketing. This process plays a decisive role for your website and your social media for restaurants, making it possible for people to find your content through search engines.

Currently 9 out of 10 users connected online make use of search engines using keywords. Then the search engine through specialized software analyzes the content published among a large number of web pages, and match the searches with the websites that have the results, and the search engines determine which pages are the ones that best answer the questions entered by the users.

Is it important to use the same keywords in the content just as the user searches for them? Keywords are very important to connect your content with what the target group is looking for. You could say that a website is optimized if it speaks the same language as its potential visitors. This is due to the use of keywords that connect search engines to your website.

You should also know how people are looking for products, services or information in an easy and practical way. Remember that the information abounds on the internet and when making a query the best positioned sites are the ones that take all the traffic. Normally 60% of clicks are achieved by being on the first page according to MOZ. So implementing the right keywords it’s a part of your Local SEO for restaurants.

3 Reasons why keyword analysis is so important for content marketing

You must carefully analyze our selection strategy for the following reasons:

Select the right keywords, otherwise, you will attract the wrong people and therefore nobody will buy. You will not be able to optimize the content of your website correctly until you determine the appropriate keywords. In other words, once you define which ones you want to relate your content to, you can start developing it.

It is crucial to do research to understand what your customers look for on the web. Even think like them, identify their lifestyles and their needs. Think that if you develop content from your brand or product, you may never receive traffic from people who don't know you. Therefore, we recommend creating content oriented to your consumer, but not your brand. Your brand will always be commercial and the other will be educational. If you want to have ideas, we recommend that you use Google trends, who will give you a parameter to determine the content that people are looking for or hire a marketing agency if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Don't forget that a content marketing strategy without a keyword analysis will never be effective. We also know that setting the indicated keywords is a delicate process in which the test and the error are the constant. Once knowing the path will be easier and the successes will come.


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