Good rating on Tripadvisor

Tips to get a good rating on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor its a tool to help you at your restaurant marketing strategy, this easy tool could be used directly by you or you could make a marketing agency handles your accounts.

Any business that is on this platform aims to improve the ranking, whether it is a hotel or any other lodging business as if it is a bar or restaurant. In this last case we propose some tips to improve the classification of your hospitality businesses in TripAdvisor and help your local SEO for restaurants:

Encourage and encourage your customers to think

Encourage is not the same as incentivize. You can propose to leave a comment, but offering something in return is not a good idea since you are “buying” your opinion, which will not be entirely real or true.

Involve staff

If you have employees, it is ideal that they also be aware of the open profile on TripAdvisor, and that they themselves can also encourage customers to comment. This can also be a good tip to use on your social media for restaurant strategies since your employes also have their own social media networks in which they can promote your brand.

Get “Recommended” sticker

TripAdvisor makes available to establishments several tools to promote your listing. One of them is the “recommended” or “evaluated” sticker that can be placed on the door or other visible place of the premises, in order to remind customers of the presence on this platform. To obtain it you can go to "Request a sticker for the window" through the drop-down menu "Free Tools" located at the top. Once in the new window, you must enter your local address and shipping address. TripAdvisor will send you the sticker, at no cost, during the following weeks.

Widgets for the web

TripAdvisor has several widgets to add to the corporate website of your bar or restaurant, through which it is possible to show the opinions or score of the business. You can access them from the management center, in the new window that will open you will see that there are different types of widgets, to choose according to what you want to show visitors to your page. They can be snippets of comments, punctuation, link to your profile to comment, etc


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