Planning landscape photography

Landscape photography is one of the most impressive and inspiring among all the photographic disciplines that exist. These photographs invite us to admire, surprise and let our imagination fly to places we do not know, or to see them from a new perspective. Colorado landscape photography changes the perception of what surrounds us; We become much more aware of our surroundings and learn to see and read it in a completely different way. We learn to understand and predict light, weather, twilight, astronomy and an endless number of other elements that make the world open and discover it with beauty and admiration as we had not stopped to see it before.

Landscape Photography Planning

Planning, together with editing/processing and composition, is a differentiating element of any landscape and nature photographer. It can be said that the chances of you getting a good landscape photograph are due in a very high percentage to the planning of the shot. The workflow that I recommend to follow to achieve good planning is as follows:

  • Analyze what opportunities you will have; depending on the type of landscape you are going to find and the time of the year in which you visit it. Keep in mind the weather forecasts for that day.
  • Consciously prepare where the best locations are located. I recommend placing on a map both the locations of specific photographs (obtained in the previous step of inspiration), and the areas where we believe there may be good opportunities.
  • Study each of the details that affect the shot you are going to make: direction by which the sun rises or hides, route of the milky way and moon phase in the case of night photographs or even more specific details, such as at what time the sun will create the rainbow in a waterfall.

There are very useful mobile applications for some of these situations, such as knowing the sunrise and sunset times, and the address it will have at a specific time in the place where we are going to photograph; also make sure to use the best cameras for landscape photography, that will influence in the result

Make sure you have the locations at hand without the need for coverage or the internet. To do this, import them through different applications such as Google earth, my maps,, etc.


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