Visa for fiance

How to get a US visa K1 and K2?

The visa is granted to a foreigner who is committed to an American citizen. If a citizen of the United States is engaged to marry a foreigner, he can make a K1 fiancé visa petition so that his fiancé can travel to the United States and get married. This visa is valid for 90 days following such entry.

After marriage, the American citizen may request a “Status Adjustment” so that his/her spouse can remain in the United States as a Legal Resident.

Basic requirements for US visa application k1 | Fiancé visa

  • Documentation that proves the existence of the relationship with your fiancé, and that the parties have met in person within the previous two years. Of course, there is the possibility of requesting an exception to this requirement in certain cases established by law.
  • The law places restrictions on the number of K-1 petitions a citizen can make. If the citizen has made two K-1 requests in the past, he can no longer make K-1 requests.
  • If the citizen has made a K-1 petition in the past that has been approved, he cannot re-make a new K-1 petition unless two years have passed since that approval. Of course, these two limitations are also subject to exceptions established by law.
  • If the American citizen has committed certain crimes, he is disqualified from being able to apply for a K-1 visa to benefit his fiance.
  • The American citizen must prove sufficient income to support himself and his partner. It is up to the immigration lawyer to evaluate the evidence, background and other requirements to explain to the applicant how to proceed.

The approval of the k1 promise visa:

Once the respective application has been approved, and after a US visa appointment its set, the consular officer will stamp the K1 fiancé visa in the foreign applicant's passport. If you have children under 21, they would receive K2 visas. It should be noted that minor children must be admitted to the United States before they turn 21.

It is absolutely essential that the beneficiary of the K1 fiancé visa marry his fiancé within 90 days of the day he was admitted to the United States. Once married, you can ask the United States Government to grant you permanent residence.


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