Tourist visa

Frequently asked questions about the tourist visa

You already know how to get a US visa, but there’s a bunch of questions that the applicants have that aren’t answer during the US visa appointment neither has an information during the US visa application; and let’s face it, a lot of times you’re too nervous in the interview to ask it to the embassy consul. That’s why we answer these most frequently asked questions about tourist visas:

  1. How many times can you enter the US with a tourist visa? It depends on the visa. Some allow a single entry or a small number, such as 3 or 4. However, most visas are multiple entry, and so it is indicated on the visa with a letter M. This means that as long as the visa is not expired you can enter the US. as many times as you want because of tourism. It should be noted that in some cases frequent entries can be problematic.
  2. Does the visa guarantee entry to the US? No, the immigration pass officer is the one who has the last word every time a tourist arrives at an airport, port or border post in the United States and can cancel any person's visa.
  3. What happens when more than one person is included in a single passport? In some countries children are included in the passport of the mother or father. In this case, to travel to the US Everyone who travels must have their own visa, even if there is only one passport.
  4. What happens when the passport expires and the visa does not? You must travel to the US with the new and old passport, the one that contains the unexpired American visa.
  5. When can the visa that has been rejected be reapplied? Some consulates require that you wait at least six months before resubmitting another application. The most advisable thing is to wait until a change has occurred, that the circumstances that caused the visa to be denied are no longer present. If everything remains the same, the answer will remain the same.
  6. How long is it possible to stay in the US? with tourist visa? Although in most cases every time you enter you get a permit for six months, that is not always the case. The exact time can be verified on I-94, entry or exit registration document.

In no case should the visa expiration date be confused, which only indicates that renewal must be requested, with the time authorized to remain in the US. on every trip Is it possible to request an extension of time authorized to remain in the US? Once in the United States it is possible to request an extension of the visa and also a change of category of the same. For example, request a student. The Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) will decide on a case-by-case basis if it approves the petition.


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