Restaurant social media

Why does your restaurant need social networks?

It is no secret to anyone that many restaurants and food sites of all kinds are present on social networks. At any time and almost at any time, we can find a publication that refers to the menus they offer along with a photo that reflects the quality of their meals. One of the questions that surely come to your mind is, why do they do this? The reasons are quite simple, and today we leave you a little explanation about it.

Restaurant marketing, a good idea

The 21st century has brought great progress in the development of human activities, and marketing is one of those aspects: the internet has proved to be a fundamental and essential tool for advertising and the promotion of brands of all kinds. Of course, restaurants have joined this trend, and have not gone unnoticed, that’s when local SEO for restaurants comes in the picture

How to publish on social networks

There are many ways to social media for restaurants marketing : campaigns, videos, publications, tweets and ads according to the user's search; All of them oriented to sell your product efficiently and maintaining originality. Let's review a little about the ways in which these elements work.

  • Videos: It is one of the most effective ways to sell your product, working in a similar way to television advertising. The difference is that there is no restriction for creativity, so you do not have to worry so much about meeting requirements for publication. The basic rules to be effective? The brevity, which focuses on what you want to do and that the food is really provocative. This format can be applied in all networks, but it is recommended that they be designed for the specific operation of each one.
  • Publications: they are designed very similar to those of newspapers and billboards. An effective publication is one in which the product (the food) instantly attracts attention. They are simple images, but worked to carry your message immediately, so in social networks they are the backbone of your brand on the web. The publications are not restricted only to meals, you can publish the different menus of the day and even publicize the promotions in order to attract new potential customers. The networks that show the best results are Facebook and Instagram, the latter being the most efficient.
  • Ads: they are much simpler images than the previous ones oriented to the appearance of your product on web pages of all kinds in order to sell. Repetition is key to their success and their appearance is adjusted according to user searches monitored by cookies that track user activity around these searches. In the same way, you can check the most searched terms on the web and select keywords (SEO) to make the message communication more effective.
  • Tweets: used only on Twitter, are messages of less than 240 characters designed for the quick and accurate expression of the message. Hashtags can be used to optimize the appearance of our message to platform users in case they are looking for a specific topic. Similarly, you can investigate the keywords to increase the appearance of our content on the platform.
  • Campaigns: these are social media strategies designed to promote a product in a precise way. It involves all the social networks mentioned above, or only a portion of them, centered on an idea: your product. The campaigns are designed based on emotions, times and even varieties of dishes with respect to a theme to promote the brand and thus attract new customers to your restaurant.

It is very simple to use social networks in our favor. The key is to have done a previous investigation about the terms used by the users of the platform in order to draw attention effectively. Second, and just as important, is to let the images speak for themselves: a very well-presented dish says more than a thousand words.


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