Photography types

What is photography?

Photography is called a technique and an art form that consist of capturing images using light, projecting it and fixing it in the form of images on a sensitive medium (physical or digital).

In the case of cameras, the principle is exactly the same, except that they are equipped with lenses to refine the focus of the projected, mirrors to reinvest the projected image and finally a photosensitive tape (or a similar digital sensor), which it captures the image and saves it, so that it can then be revealed or viewed digitally.

The images obtained in this way are also called photographs or photos, and are the result of decades of refinement of the technique and photosensitive materials, until the optical quality of modern cameras is achieved. In addition, this technology allowed the development and improvement of other similar ones, including cinematography.

What is photography for?

Photography plays an important documentary or journalistic role in our days, since it allows us to capture real images and reproduce them in physical or digital media, thus being able to observe events that occurred in other latitudes and / or in other historical times.

Types of photography

According to its claims and the nature of the photographed object we can talk about:

  • Advertising photography. That which serves as advertising or promotion to consumer products, whatever they may be. It is often the subject of digital interventions and other types of strategic "corrections."
  • Fashion photography. That which accompanies fashion shows and other fashion events, emphasizing the way of dressing or wearing or combing your hair.
  • Documentary photography Also called historical or journalistic, it is done for informational or pedagogical purposes, that is, as part of the transmission of a message.
  • Landscape photography. That which is taken to exhibit nature in its fullness, such as aerial or underwater shots, usually very open and full of color

Depending on the type of photography the camera will need specific technical conditions; for example to take a photo from a landscape, the photograph will have to choose the best camera for landscape photography

As a landscape concept, three points of view or descriptions can be obtained (according to the Aesthetics Dictionary), and at the same time in all of them it is found in the aesthetic notion of a landscape: that it is a geographical region, or the aspect that is discovered from a given point, or the work of art that represents that aspect.

The landscape photography has a very important role in contemporary culture, the concept of landscape can be taken as a cultural projection of a society in a given space, relating it to aspects such as the physical, material and objective dimension, and another more cultural and subjective perspective.

In any element of the Colorado landscape photography a reality and a temporality captured by the observer are shown. Once these values are perceived, they pass a series of personal and cultural filters that are transformed into values and meanings. From here, the landscape is interpreted as a language that speaks of the culture of a past, present and also of a future.


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