Instagram SEO tips

Instagram strategies for restaurant marketing

Instagram it’s a great tool for your Local SEO for restaurants marketing, we give you a few strategies you can use on your Instagram account to get more traffic and make it interesting for your costumer and potential clients.

Seek to interact with followers

The interaction and offering prizes in return will be reflected in a high level of engagement in your business Instagram account. You can post questions or posts leaving the blank, such as: "The dish I like the most is ..." or "What is the dish you like best in our restaurant?".

Ask for the opinion of your customers

If you are creating a new dish, ask your customers to name it, to give you ideas. Including clients in your processes will make them feel included, they will be attracted to continue following you and interacting with your profile.

Make photo challenges

Since Instagram is a social network for sharing images, take advantage of this and ask customers to share photos and tag you. Offer gift cards, a free meal or something similar for the winners. You could even post the winners inside the premises, print them and put them in a special place or pass them through the screens. Invite customers with more than 300 followers to post a photo that mentions your restaurant or your brand's hashtag. And give them something in return, an award for their contribution.

Take advantage of the videos

Audiovisuals are already part of this social network, they allow you to take interaction with customers to another level. Share your specials, your staff and customers with videos. You can use this type of content in regular posts, stories, live streams and on IGTV. You can also use it on other social media for restaurants you own.

Mediakit reviews some important facts about the videos:

  • 1.5 million videos were published in 24 hours since that option was introduced in 2013.
  • 2.35% of Instagram users create and watch videos through stories.
  • The search interest in Google Trends is three times more popular for Instagram Stories than for Snapchat Stories.
  • Brands publish between 90 and 100% more videos in recent years.
  • A report indicates that 5.2 million people watched videos created by a brand during the first quarter of 2017.
  • 50% of businesses in Instagram posted a story for July 2017.
  • Sponsored videos receive 7.3 times more comments than sponsored photos.
  • Taking all this into account you should know why your restaurant should share videos on Instagram.


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