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The 4 types of CCTV cameras you can put in your home

Types of CCTV cameras for home interior

CCTV systemsare a surveillance system suitable for the interior of the house. Generally, they consist of security cameras, presence detectors and connection to an alarm system. They connect to the alarm through a wired system, which makes them a particularly robust system. Its great technical advantage over IP cameras is the security of your system, since they cannot be inhibited. The most advanced CCTV security system, also include an anti-sabotage system, which makes them really efficient.

As there are different types of CCTV camera system, if you want to protect your home to the fullest, it is advisable to know which ones exist and what differences they have between them.

4 types of indoor CCTV cameras

Depending on the area to be protected, we offer four types of conventional cameras to install inside the house. It should be added that all have high definition 800 TVL lines (the number of horizontal lines you will see on the screen):

  • Mini Dome
  • Mini Compact or Bullet.
  • Mini Compact medium distance.
  • Housing

CCTV Camera Mini-Dome for home

It is an anti-vandal CCTVcamera, that is, it is resistant to shocks and other inclemencies. This makes it really versatile, as it serves both indoors and outdoors. Its 2.8-12mm optics are recommended for short distance, up to 10 meters. It is perfect for monitoring normal-sized areas of the house or exterior walls of the house.

Mini Compact CCTV Camera or Bullet for housing

This CCTV camera is called Bullet (bullet) because of its long and small shape. It has its strong point in its small size, which makes it easy to hide and makes it optimal for corners and spaces where it is difficult to install other cameras. Even so it allows benefits similar to those of the Mini Dome.

Medium Compact Mini Distance CCTV Camera for home

It is a version of the Bullet camera with greater visibility range. Its 6-22mm optics are suitable for monitoring over medium distances of up to 20 meters. Thus, it is perfect to protect gardens, large corridors and open spaces.

Housing CCTV Camera for home

Finally, the Housing camera is the recommended option for long distance surveillance of up to 40 meters.They are useful if your home has a large estate. In addition, they are the best option to protect urbanizations and neighborhoods that have very large streets or common areas, such as swimming pools and sports areas.


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