CCTV costs

One of the worst nightmares of any person is that they enter to steal on their property. Any risk of intrusion generates a sense of vulnerability and this is never pleasant. Installing a CCTV security camera may be the solution: it will not only detect potential intruders or criminals, but also record any anomaly that may occur.

How much does it cost to install a CCTV system?

Today there is a wide variety of surveillance cameras for CCTV on the market and the cost of each other can vary significantly. Therefore, before revealing prices, we want to offer you a brief summary about the types of cameras that exist.

Types of security cameras

Broadly speaking, it is possible to distinguish two types: analog security cameras and IP security cameras. We can summarize the differences between the two in the following points: Image quality is better in IP cameras.

As for the installation, analog cameras are wired, while IPs can also work wirelessly. The operation of IP cameras is due to a more advanced technology, which generally also translates into greater security.

Finally, we can establish differences in relation to the price. Although the installation of IP cameras is more economical, equipment consisting of analog cameras are usually cheaper.

Nowadays it is usual to install video surveillance systems that combine both types of cameras.

On the other hand, it is also possible to differentiate the cameras according to the type of display you want to choose:

  • Through the Internet: The main advantage of this alternative is that it allows viewing images in real time from anywhere thanks to the network connection. It can also work with all types of cameras, both analog and IP.
  • Locally: It is used mostly with analog cameras and is the perfect option if you want to install a CCTV system (Closed Circuit Television). They allow to visualize the images from a monitor or television to which the cameras are connected.

Installation price of a video surveillance system

To start, you should know that the cost of installing a camera usually ranges between 100 and 600 euros. We want to highlight that this figure will depend largely on the quality of the device. In fact, you may find cameras that exceed this price range.

On the other hand, it should be noted that security systems are usually configured by groups of four, eight or sixteen cameras.

It is quite common to be able to find offers for this type of kits, and acquiring the already grouped cameras is usually cheaper than buying the different elements of the security system separately. Taking into account all this information we have prepared the following table with a series of estimated prices; the data is purely indicative:

Price of installing a video surveillance system

  • Number of cameras Price
  • 4 cameras 400 - 2,400 €
  • 8 cameras 800 - € 4,800
  • 16 cameras 1,600 - € 9,600


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