What is an access control system?

An access control system is a basic system for virtually any company: whether applicable to its employees or its customers. Having an access control system allows you to reduce costs and minimize efforts, being your facilities safe but without the need for a guard or control staff. An access control system is a device (usually made up of software + hardware) that allows or restricts entry to a worker or customer through an identification system. The identification of the person can be by means of a magnetic card, key ring, password, bracelet, fingerprint or the biometric points of the face, mainly for access control.

When the interested person enters or leaves the premises using any of these identification systems, an electric pulse is generated that activates a relay (an electromagnetic device) and opens the door, lathe or barrier.

Types of access control systems

There are mainly two types of access control:
  1. Autonomous access control systems: these allow one or more doors to be controlled without being connected to a computer or central system. This means that this type of access control does not keep records of inputs or outputs. The simplest autonomous access controls work simply as an electronic key, that is, they only identify the person and allow him to enter or leave the premises.
  2. Network access control systems: These systems are more complex and have more features than the previous ones. These systems are integrated through a computer with software that allows us to keep track of all the people who enter or leave the center. You can extract all kinds of data such as time, date, times that identification has been used, etc. These access control systems are fully customizable for each client, being able to make complex combinations that offer functionalities adapted to each need.

Biometrics Access Control

This is probably the safest and most technologically advanced method to control access to a space. Biometric devices are based on mathematical methods for the unique recognition of people. This means that these devices use physical features to identify people: it can be the fingerprint, the retina or even facial features. There are some even more advanced biometric devices that can recognize people through behaviors such as signature or step.

Installation of access control systems

The installation of an access control system, contrary to what is usually believed, is not a cumbersome or lengthy process. In one day, the technicians go to the facilities (sports centers, gyms, clubs, ...) and let both the hardware (barrier, lathe, etc.) and the software work if the installation is necessary. They have to be specialized technicians in this, so that there are no subsequent incidents that leave the entry or exit blocked for days with the problem that this would cause, so depending of the client needs a access control kit its build and installed

Access control system prices

The prices of access control systems depend very much on the products chosen to control access, as on the complexity of software that is needed. As in all types of service, the ideal is to speak with a specialized company that advises the company and offers a solution tailored to your needs. There is a wide variety of products to control access and people identification tools.


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