Visa for childrens

How to get a US visa for your childrens

If you already have a valid American visa and would like to process the visa for a son or daughter under 7 years of age, it is important to know that the procedure is simpler and cheaper than when the father or mother processed your document. This is the general procedure to perform.

The first thing is to have your child's passport as it is required to have this current document. Subsequently, the child's passport and nonimmigrant US visa application DS-160 is registered on the us visa info page to generate their consular fee payment format. This will be for 16 USD,. If you qualify, this payment proves 10 years of visa validity or 15 years of age of the minor, whichever comes first. (ex. If the child is 2 years old when processing the visa, it will expire at 12 years of age. If the minor is 6 years old, it will expire at 15 years).

Once the consular fee payment has been made, an US visa appointment may be generated at the Applicant Assistance Center (CAS) so that this instance collects the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Application Confirmation Sheet, copy of the child's valid passport and the father's passport , copy of the valid visa of the father, copy of the birth certificate and 2 color photographs 5 cm x 5 cm in color and white background of the minor. As the process does NOT require an interview with a Consular Officer, it is not necessary to carry stationery or solvency documentation as is the case with the procedures that take a consular interview.

The parent with a valid American visa must bring the documents already presented above and present 15 minutes before their appointment, which will remain regularly after 2 pm and deliver them to the selected CAS. It does NOT require taking the child. If both parents have a valid visa, it is NOT mandatory that both go to the procedure, only one of them can do it.

If everything is complete and correct, the CAS will receive your package and will give the requesting parent a sheet that says that your request has been received, that it will be reviewed by a consular officer and that if approved, your package will arrive at the selected parcel in a average 3 to 4 weeks later.

In these types of procedures, most children are favorably qualified and their visas arrive at the scheduled time. In some cases, at least, the Consulate contacts the applicant and requires the father to appear for an interview with an officer. This does not mean that the procedure was denied, just that some incident or doubt should be clarified.

Recap of the process:

Step 1. Have a child's passport

Step 2. Register it with your DS-160 Nonimmigrant application and pay the consular fee

Step 3. Take the documentation of the child on CAS day. It does NOT require taking the child, they DO NOT require both parents to go, they do NOT require a consular interview


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