Local police uses CCTV

CCTV for local police monitoring

A Colombian City Hall puts into operation its new monitoring center to provide better and more agile attention to the inhabitants of the municipality in emergency situations A local CCTV system building company will be the technical operator of the solution, will ensure the operation of the system and will be responsible for its technological update. The benefit is based on the technological support that you will receive from the company that will allow agile attention to emergency situations and criminal risks, optimizing times and resources by unifying a command post formed by the National Police, the Fire Department and the Ministry of Transit.

This agreement with the private security sector has an initial period of 24 months, where the company as a technology operator will be responsible for the technological update and proper functioning of the implemented system.

Hector Augusto Monsalve Restrepo, mayor of Copacabana, said that the monitoring center will pay attention 24 hours a day to act effectively in the event of any occurrence, and ensures that crime reduction rates can go down to 70 percent.

Public and private support

The Monitoring Center is located in the Municipal Palace, it has three work stations for receiving calls and dispatching service units. The monitoring of the tracks is done through the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) visualization system of the Municipality, with an equipment of 10 CCTV security cameras with a range of approximately two kilometers and 360-degree rotation. For the current year, it is projected to buy 10 more cameras and create a Mobile Immediate Attention Center.

The municipal administration has invested more than 600 million pesos for security resources, strengthening CCTV and campaigns to prevent violence and promote coexistence, increasing from 2 to 4 quadrants, increasing uniformed police with staff (2 vans and 6 motorcycles).

Currently in the municipality of Copacabana, police operations can be multiplied with the technological collaboration of this Telecommunications company, allowing an efficient response to security issues.


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