Basic tools for CCTV

Basic tools for every technician in CCTV, access control and alarms

To make the proper installation of CCTV systems it is important that they have on hand, apart from the basic tools (screwdrivers, drills etc.) special tools listed below:

  • Pochadora

    This tool is essential for connecting network wiring and telephone connections.
  • Pipe bender

    With the use of the pipe bender, the use of prefabricated curves is avoided, which increases the possibility of imbalances of the pipe due to lack of mechanical support over time, while its use leads to the aesthetics of the pipe installation when It is used correctly.
  • Hexagon wrench set

    Usually the camera fixing screws, rack mounting screws, PTZ camera holders, etc., are hexagon type. Some manufacturers incorporate with the equipment keys of this type; however, these are sometimes lost in the works or are simply discarded along with the boxes or packaging of the equipment so this tool is very useful in these cases.
  • Safety tips

    As with hexagon screws, many manufacturers assemble their components especially CCTV with security screws, usually the keys of these are lost or forgotten after the installation process and at the time of performing a review or reinstallation it becomes necessarily Have this type of tools.
  • Multimeter

    Essential equipment for the review of any electronic system. It allows us to assess whether the fault is due to electrical problems of voltage, current or wiring or impedance failures. It is important to take into account that, like all measuring equipment, it requires recalibration and thus have accuracy in reading the variables we measure.
  • CCTV test monitor

    In CCTV installations it is important to save time and resources in the camera installation stage, usually the cameras are installed but then two, or even three technicians must return to the video point and focus the image of the cameras. The idea of using this equipment is to optimize the time of the technical staff, both in facilities and in services making sure the CCTV security cameras are working properly since day one.
  • Network cable tester

    In many cases, failures in IP CCTV or network connections are caused by failures in the strikeout of RJ45 connectors and we notice this when installing equipment does not have a signal or it is intermittent, which leads to revisions, loss of time resources, delays, etc. Having this type of tool prevents this situation and with its use the risk of failures is minimized at the time of making the equipment connectivity.
  • Tone generator

    The tone generator helps to identify wiring, which is particularly useful when working with multiple cables arriving at a single site with the same type of cable, but used for different signals. An example is the fire detection system where the same FPL type cable is used for the detection loop or SLC and for NAC’s circuits.


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