Advantages of access control system

Benefits of having a pedestrian access control system

In general, access control systems are used every day in different places and applications. This mechanism whose function is authenticated identification to allow access to data or resources is seen every day from the digital access control for our email and social networks, to physical applications, such as access to public transport, For example, the subway. Access control system for pedestrians are divided in two practical ways, those for pedestrian access and personnel control. Pedestrian access control systems are implemented to have a control of all the people who transit in a public or private space. They guarantee the passage of people who have free traffic and restricts the passage of unauthorized persons in certain areas.

Personnel control systems work for the same purpose, but they have certain special characteristics that allow an adequate administration of the personnel of a company or business. With these systems it is a question of having the control of entry and exit of the employees to improve their productivity, to follow up their schedules, to define the access groups, to establish allowed and restricted areas and for the certainty that the production of the company.

Access to both systems can be through an entry card, an electronic keychain that emits a signal, the use of a numerical code or through a biometric system (fingerprints, retinal readers, voice recognition, among others, depending on the type there’s the access control system kit. Benefits more import that has the use of these systems are:

Control of inputs and outputs

You can know with certainty who enters or who leaves from within the authorized area.

Greater security and control of the public

Safety is the most important thing in your company or offices, therefore, controlling the people who come and go will make you exponentially improve the level of security in your workplace.

Savings in personnel costs

Previously, for access control, you required personnel who were at all times keeping the record and allowing or denying access to people. With these new systems you will not require anyone to monitor or monitor the entrance.

Fast return on investment

The installation of an access control may seem to be a very high expense, but, on the contrary, it is an investment that will have a rapid return thanks to the fact that it has been proven that an improvement in the security and access of personnel can increase the productivity of your business activities

Decrease in registration time

Even in many places the access registration has to be done manually, registering in a book or something similar, with automated pedestrian access controls, this is done automatically in the logbook.


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