Access Control Security

Access Control  Security

Access Security has traditionally been viewed as an unsexy and tedious topic that few want to tackle; however, everyone knows that safety and security must be adequately addressed. From talking to endless lines of hardware store reps about installing door locks, maglock, electric strike, to antiquated, dystopian visions of bored security guards in rooms with dozens of CCTV monitors— the label of physical security doesn’t necessarily inspire passion.

What is access control?
An access control system allows you to manage, monitor and maintain who has access to certain doors and at what time they can access them. The simplest type of access control “system" is a standard deadbolt with a brass key

Using an access control system allows you to manage access or entry to almost anything: exit buttons, pust to exit buttons, exit signs, automatic door openers, magnetic door locks,  facility, building or office access. The standard form of today’s access control is an “access card,” instead of the key, to grant access to a secured area. For access to larger buildings, the exterior door is managed by the building and the interior, or tenant, door access is managed by the individual company.

Think about a small business located in a larger building: The company will use the access card provided by the landlord to get in the front door. However, it’s often the case that the landlord is not responsible for the specific o!ce security. Thus, the small business might wish to install their own access control on their doors, and a seperate intrusion detection alarm in the office, along with one or more cctv cameras


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