Tricks to be the best Pubg player | Pubg Aimbot

Since it was first presented in March 2017, Pubg has attracted the attention of thousands of video game fans.

In just a few months and still in the test phase exceeded all expectations, ranking in the top positions of the most played worldwide.

Pubg is within the Battle Royal category, the main trend in videogames nowadays.

Given the large number of competitors that it attracts, it is not surprising that many players look for ways to excel and emerge victorious.

Some strive to achieve this by investing many hours practicing and looking for strategies that can serve to improve their game, while others use the well-known cheats or hacks such as the dreaded Pubg Aimbot.

Cheats are nothing but small programs that can be downloaded on the internet and run at the same time as the game. The goal of this is to get the characters to do things that are very difficult (almost impossible) for an average player and even for a professional one.

As we have already mentioned the Pubg Aimbot, let's continue using it as an example. Who has active this bot, will not have any problem with the aim, on the contrary, it can do it automatically to any part of the body of his opponent and therefore hit when firing. Even the most expert player can not get out well against an enemy using Pubg Aimbot.

Just like this trick, there are many more with which you can do amazing things that leave no opportunity to react to the opponent.

Look through the walls, is another cheat that is very useful, because it allows you to know the exact location of the enemy and attack before you realize, as well as protect against any action you want to exercise against.

Getting to move at higher speeds throughout the land, is also possible using hacks. In this way it will be very difficult for the enemy bullets to reach you and you can also get to where the opponent is and attack him before he can do anything.

It is clear that when using hacks the possibility of winning is practically one hundred percent. The issue is that using them is cheating and therefore is not allowed.

If the use of these tricks is detected by the security mechanisms that have been implemented by video game manufacturers, the account is banned temporarily or permanently.

Many of these hacks promise to be undetectable but the reality is that sooner or later they are discovered.

In case they manage to overcome the system, the other players realize when someone is using bots and report it. When you receive several reports, it is most likely to be suspended.

In addition to all this, the use of hacks reduces the excitement of the game and meeting many cheating players, interest in participating is lost and ends up ruining the competition.

But the risks of using hacks do not end there. Cases have been discovered in which within these tricks is incorporated malicious code with which you get personal information from the player each time you run it.

As you can see, while the use of hacks can make a player invincible, it will be for a very short time besides the fact that winning cheating is not really winning.

To be a good player there are other alternatives to the use of hacks. Of course, they require more effort and time, but surely they are much more attractive and will make the game a more interesting experience.

Optimizing FPS, for example, allows the game to work much better and faster.

The study of maps is another good strategy that many use, although there are also those who prefer to go discovering them. Previous knowledge of the terrain is undoubtedly a great advantage.

Learning about the different movement mechanics is also a great help. Knowing how to climb or apply the technique of the Crouch Jump, combination of jumping, bending and advancing is the key to successfully working on the ground, either to protect or attack.

These are just some examples of valid tricks that can be put into practice to improve performance and become an excellent Pubg player.


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