Access control is not only about the key card. learn more.

Access control is not only about the key card. learn more.

From a normal solution to a critical part for new businesses. Whether accessing the elevator or being able to enter/leave the office at day and nght, magnetic door lock, maglock, automatic door opener, exit button, exit sign push to exit button, electric door strike, video intercom system and all access control technology has increased security and simplified building access at offices around the world.

A few of the types of data being collected:

Employee Arrival/Departure: When do employees start and finish their work

Work Patterns: Beyond arrival and departure, where do you work and how do you move about the facilities.

Food/Beverage Consumption Patterns

Biometric Data: Keeping biometric data is primarily a security use at this point. Some companies may consider this as something they could monetize.


Relationships Between Employees: Is there a visible and clear connection between certain employees?

Technology Usage: As technology is increasingly becoming access controlled through tools like MDM (Mobile Device Management), companies can also learn more about your tech use patterns. This of course augments traditional tech access controls like use of the printer.

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