Is your door vulnerable to lock hits?

The statistics indicate that three out of four robberies in the home show no signs of forced entry. What does it sound like? because the thieves gain access by blocking the lock.

In the illegal sense, block your the lock is an attack technique in which thieves use slap keys to quickly open the locks of the doors with pins.

And since it works well, the principles of physics are taken into account. A special "cut key" is inserted in the lock, then, when using any type of blunt object, the key is hit. The impact causes the pins inside the block to move above the cut line for a fraction of a second, allowing the block to open.

To prevent this problem, keep in mind that:

• Check if your door locks are of the drum or cylinder type.

Install an automatic door opener to keep the door secure and locked.

Install high quality maglocks that do not use cylinders or drums.

Lock bumping is a major security concern for property owners and your first priority should be to ensure better first line of defense at your property's entry and exit points.


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