Tour in Varadero Cuba

Best Tour in Varadero

The best tour in CubaIf you travel to Cuba and you like beaches, you can not miss knowing Varadero. Varadero has more than 20 km of white and fine sand, cataloged as one of the best beaches in the world and the best beach in Cuba. A few kilometers from Varadero you will find Coral Beach to practice snorkeling and diving.

Best Diving Tour in Cuba

Playa Coral 

One of the best dive sites in Cuba for beginners because it has a depth on the coast of 1 to 1.5 meters where there we show them how put the mask (diving mask), breathing by the regulator and other basic aspects. There is also a recreative dive since we will only go about 12 meters deep. Where you can enjoy more than 30 species of corals and fish of beautiful colors.

Playa Larga (Bay of Pigs):

Excellent diving center where you can enjoy the best places to dive in Cuba as it consists of many espectacular diving sites such as "La Cueva de los Peces", "El Tanque", "Punta Perdiz", among many others.

Bahía Cochinos, which became famous when the CIA saw its attempt to enter the island by this channel fail in 1961. It is an optimal dive site, full of young fish thanks to the fact that it is surrounded by mangroves and plants that protect the bay from envite of the sea. You can go diving from the ground, without having to take a boat.

María La Gorda

Continuing with the trip, Maria La Gorda, in Pinar del Río, is famous among lovers of scuba diving in Latin America for its excellent soil. It has its origin in a chain of land that has been shaped by the currents that come from the Gulf of Mexico. The point of immersion is in the Guanahacabibes peninsula, a biosphere reserve for more than two decades that includes 18th century shipwrecks.

Santa Lucía

The presence of reef sharks is common throughout the Cuban coast, although depending on the area the species changes. On the beach of Santa Lucía, in the region of Camagüey, there is an abundance of the bull variety, which, although it does not attack man, can be dangerous since they hunt where there are people.


Cristobal Colon arrived with his ship to the province of Holguin in the fifteenth century. Here is the beach of Guardalavaca, 50 kilometers from the city that gives its name to the province. The Eagle Ray Diving Center offers underwater tours through the Old Channel of the Bahamas up to 40 meters deep.

Jardines de la Reina

Colon named the Jardines de la Reina archipelago, already in the south of Cuba, formed by 250 virgin islands. In 1996 they were declared a marine park due to the exceptional state of conservation of marine flora and fauna. Its bottom, full of coral...


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