Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Cuba

Scuba Diving in Cuba

Why Diving in Cuba?

Cuba is a paradise to dive, as it is located in the Caribbean and this provides many varieties of fish and corals due to the water temperatures…

Underwater Cuba – About Us

UnderwaterCuba have more 5 years of experience guiding tourism in Cuba

UnderwaterCuba is a website to guide all diving lovers and tourists who visit Cuba, you can find all kinds of information for free, we have an office in Varadero and we have been linked to travel and diving from 2013.

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Prices Scuba Diving in Cuba

Coral Beach$70
Puerto Escondido$75
Bay of Pigs$120
Maria La Gorda$90

Where is the best places?

Top 5 Scuba Diving Spots in Cuba

▷ Varadero

▷ Bay of Pigs (Varadero South)

▷ Maria la Gorda

▷ Jardines de la Reina

▷ Santa Lucia

Services in Varadero

Snorkeling in Varadero:

Booking Now! Our snorkeling tour and enjoy an amazing experience where you will feed the fishes with your own hands and see beatiful corals.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Varadero. “The best beach in Cuba!”

Scuba Diving in Varadero:

Beginners we recommend Coral Beach, because you can enjoy a depth of 6 to 12 meters, where you will find beautiful fish, small cave and a variety of corals.

Experts we recommend Bacunayagua or Bay of Pigs, they are places with different characteristics to Coral Beach since they have much more depth. In Bay of Pigs you can enjoy several sunken ships.

Scuba Diving in Havana Cuba


Havana usually attracts visitors who want to try the combination of life in the city and on the beach, but diving here is surprisingly underestimated.

If you want to visit this beautiful place, you should keep in mind that one of the most exciting activities is diving in Havana and there are some excellent sites that are worth exploring.

There are many places to dive in Havana but, one of the favorites is Coral Island is to a Depth 25 meters. It is a sunken merchant ship that caught fire and ran aground on the coast, where in addition to immersing yourself in the crystalline waters of Cuba, you will appreciate an old merchant ship that is completely embedded in marine life.

The Sanches Barcastegui:

At a depth of 24 meters, the old Spanish armada sunk in 1895 when it collided with another ship while maneuvering to enter the Bay of Havana. It is perfect to find the most beautiful marine life, especially the big fish.

Scuba Diving in Miami Florida

The best place to dive in Miami

Scuba Diving in Miami Florida, If you are looking for an interesting and innovative activity to distract you, be it with your partner, your family or even with your group of friends, the best thing you can do is search within the less common activities. Within this search you can find diving, activity that is one of the rare because it can not be practiced in all the seas of the world. Consider this activity with an option and still more, practicing it is something that could be perfect for you, considering what you are searching.

This is an activity that has to be monitored if you do not have the specific knowledge and necessary for the activity to develop the best
possible way It is important to bear in mind that before carrying out this activity, the people who want to get involved in it must take a small “course” to be able to handle this type of activities. However, it is not a tedious activity to practice it, just that you have to be careful because of the places where it is practiced.

Miami is known as the “Wreckreational Dive Capital of the World”. More than 70 sunken wrecks.

What can you see here?

Within all the activity, it is possible to immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful places that the planet has, in order to admire the amount of fish and aquatic life that exist in the diving areas of Miami Florida, such as the Los archipelago Keys, the archipelago made of tropical coral, also accompanied by palm trees natural, they form the environment that many people want to visit and explore. In addition, you are you can add the fact that out to sea, you can find a barrier reef living, which is the only one existing in the United States, besides being one of the first barriers of living coral in the world.

The existence of this type of coral, makes life within these waters very evident. Fish abound, of all the colors you can imagine, they can make this type of trip is spectacular and unforgettable, adding the other aquatic animals that make up this ecosystem. Knowing the world in this way is something that all people should live in order to be fully aware of the world around us and with the different types of living beings that exist, while having fun with this type of colorful shows.

This is the only destination?

Diving is a great activity to practice, so it would be cruel restrict it to only one place. Diving activity in Miami Florida is done in different
locations that are located along the coral barrier mentioned previously. Within these locations can be named Key Largo, Islamorada,
Key MarathonKey West, among other places that can make this activity something much better than you imagine.

Is it difficult to learn to dive?

This activity is one of those that should be practiced with great caution, due to which is practiced at sea and if people are not careful with handling this situation in this part of the sea, adding to the fact of knowing how to use everything related to the team, could
bring serious consequences for people who practice this type of activity. Is important to know how to enjoy this activity following the instructions of the managers and specialists, which will ensure a good development of the activity.

The equipment consists of specific clothing for this type of activities, in addition that the person must have with him the relevant oxygen to be able to go down to the depths and be able to observe very closely all of this marine life that most of the people are unaware.

What are the specifications?

Mainly this activity can be practiced throughout the year, taking into account account that it is very possible that in the summer time it is much more demanded, so the number of people who want to practice this activity grows exponentially. On the other hand, it is important to know. that the hot season is from May to October, while the dry season is from November to April. The change of these times, it can change the experience a bit. However, it is the same colorful party at the bottom of the sea.

The depths to which you dive vary depending on the reefs. Some are at depths of less than 10 meters, even the deepest ones, which can
be approximately 40 meters underwater. The vision of these same reefs can be affected by the currents, which can be quite significant
depending on where you want to do this activity. Also the water temperature ranges between 21 and 31 degrees Celsius.

We must take into account the hurricane season for the realization of said activity. However, the maximum activity in hurricanes within this area is not register but every 4.5 years. Equally, it is not necessary to be alarmed because the season of hurricanes begins in the middle of each year, specifically in June and ends when ends the month of November. However this season although it does not affect much
this activity, more than the temperature of the water and the visibility of the wonders that they watch under the sea.

Diving Centers

There are a lot of diving centers that can make this experience more entertaining, with guides and equipment to use. It is now available to each client which of these diving centers suits you more depending on the distance from his house to the same ports, the prices, among other things. Likewise, the best dive centers are there waiting for you. Finally, it can be said that the level of technique that you should have is not very relevant, since it can be from initiation to advanced. You can also enjoy all these marine wonders. This is one of
the best experiences that a person can live, besides being one of the most incredible you can do in your life. It is very safe that you will want to repeat it without hesitation just after the first time you have practiced this activity, in order to practice
learned diving techniques and to be able to see the sea in its usual behavior.


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