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Uncover World secrets with a series of curated walking tours. Each self-guided tour is packed with rich stories behind the places, each written by local writers and researched by our editorial team. You’ll know the city inside out by the time you’re done.


Embark on an immersive journey of discovery and activities that will leave you enthralled. Follow the list of To-Dos, carefully curated for you, for the most authentic Singaporean experiences. You will not miss a must-see-must-do in world following Tripdiem! 


Enjoy a rewarding journey collecting meaningful mementos and memories of your world travels. Complete challenges and play games as you explore the places along each trail - you will also be pleasantly surprised by the world elements, planted aroundthe world for your fun discovery!

Highlights and Features:

- full cultural and heritage city guides and tour packages ready for download – tour packages include must-go places like Little India,New york, london, madrid, barcelona, dubai, Doha, Mexico, Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Joo Chiat, Marina Bay, and more cityes

- Use augmented reality way-finding and navigate with ease

- Read about rich stories and history behind the places you are visiting

- Follow uniquely curated to-do list in each places of interest.

- Uniquely-themed challenges with bonuses to be unlocked.

- Photography guide and challenges for camera noob. 

- Uniquely designed  elements along the trails for fun and unique photo memento. 

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