Why use text marketing?

Why do text Marketing for restaurants?

In the field of mobile marketing, instant messaging and proximity technologies, the SMS is still under the spotlight. Just use the search engines to realize: Gartner, for example, predicts that by 2019 20% of the most important international brands will have abandoned their App in favor of a simpler and more direct communication system; The study, conducted by Gsma in 56 countries that represent 80% of the world's population, indicates that Text marketing is also very popular where there is widespread use of smartphones and Wi-Fi marketing for restaurants.

An e-mail can end up in the trash without even being opened, just like a Facebook post can be ignored by simply swiping the page, also a try to get some info through Wi-Fi marketing could play against us. The SMS, on the other hand, has direct communication characteristics that make it open in 98% of cases (Dynmark).


In real time Once delivered, the opening of the SMS takes place practically systematically. This is what the numbers tell us: the SMS channel guarantees opening rates that exceed the 98% threshold. And of that 98%, 90% takes place within three minutes of delivery (Dynmark). These figures can allow us to talk about SMS as a real-time marketing channel.


It may sound exaggerated, but it is a very suitable term. What gives ubiquity to the SMS is the support: the smartphone (or the old generation mobile), the everyday accessory that many define as «the authentic proximity technology», always next to the owner as the wallet and keys From home. The SMS is ubiquitous because it reaches the recipient everywhere, at any time of the day, because it does not even require an internet connection.


The customer experience is made of moments, of contact points; In a more prosaic way, different degrees in the commercial relationship with the client. The hot spots of the customer experience are the central points, which go from the understanding phase to the maintenance phase, and that is where the incisivity of the SMS is concentrated, to accompany the purchase and build loyalty. However, by setting up an SMS Marketing plan, we realize that text messages can cover the entire customer life cycle.


It is a feature with two faces: one aimed at brands, which can personalize messages and make them recognizable, thanks to a text alias that acts as a substitute for the telephone number; the other is addressed to the recipients, thanks to the segmentation functions and dynamic fields, which allow you to customize the SMS based on the activities, interests and registration data of each contact.


Thanks to APIs (SOAP and REST), web services and FTP in batches, there is the possibility of connecting the SMS channel with any CRM, e-commerce, ERP or content management system. It is a fundamental resource for the data and information about the client to dialogue with each other, bringing the different technologies into contact and creating a digital ecosystem.


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