Tips for text marketing

Tips for using Text Marketing for restaurants

There are a number of tips that will be useful to you when implementing Text Marketing and successfully attract or retain customers. They are simple basics and never fail

  1. Create a value offer for your customers

This applies when creating any type of campaign, be it SMS, email or social networks. Give your potential customers something they really need. Avoid perceiving your message as spam or a nuisance. It is important that when you write what you will send you wonder if it is really useful and necessary for your audience and what problem or situation it will solve.

Although text marketing is a poorly exploited channel, you should not abuse irrelevant messages either. To achieve a good communication, consider the season, current trends and the profile of the person with whom you communicate.

Be direct and clear with what you offer

It is tedious to read such long messages, for some reason the recommended limit for an SMS is 160 characters. Take advantage of this space to create a direct and concise promotional content that addresses what the user is interested in knowing. Don't expand on explanations, but don't be sharp either.

You can include a link or contact in case the user wants more information or to fill out a form. This will be beneficial for ASO positioning and sales flow. Although the ideal is that people are already informed just by reading the text.

Place a call for action and contact

It is necessary that your message contains some contact to expand the information or communicate and activate the offer. This may come in the form of a telephone number, email or link. This should be accompanied by a call for action that tells people what they have to do and allows you to monitor your statistics and conversions in more detail.

Calls for action are an effective resource to achieve results in a mobile marketing campaign. They have to be timely and not sound too forced

Your brand must be clear in the message

One of the risks of text marketing for restaurants is that your message is interpreted as spam or mobile virus. In recent years the dissemination of malicious codes through smart devices alerts users to links and information that comes to them. So, you should make sure the text looks true and reliable. A simple way to give security to your customers is to specify the name of your brand or business in the text.

Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity

There are two key ways to catch the client with a text message: appealing to urgency or exclusivity. It is important that you perform a segmentation. To be clear about what type of text to send. For example: in the case of loyal customers, you can deal with exclusive offers and promotions such as gift cards, promotional codes or affiliations.


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