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Text marketing for restaurant: SMS types

Send bulk text messages to mobile types

You know why it is important to send bulk text messages to mobiles. But now you also have to know what messages to send. What if you know the types of messages that are most popular in text marketing? Maybe you can start with one of them:

The reminder message

Several studies have shown that sending bulk text messages to mobiles as a reminder reduces absenteeism by 20%.

Customer Support.

Sending massive text messages to mobiles to inform about the status of an order is an added value to your service. Of course, it will strengthen customer confidence with your brand. But it will also minimize logistics problems.

Messages that include information of interest.

For example, if you decide to send massive text messages to mobiles with a new post from your blog, you will not only share valuable information. If not, you will be carrying traffic to your website.

The offers.

Congratulations messages will help you strengthen ties with customers and generate greater engagement with them. In addition to working loyalty.

The messages of notices.

You can create them for orders, report stock renewal or to share the new schedules. If you provide practical information, you will improve the quality of the service.

Is there anything else you should know? The most important thing is that you work with a professional platform that meets the following requirements:

  • CRM Multichannel Marketing. You need to communicate with your clients and in all channels: email, mobile, social and web display.
  • Include a report every time you are going to send massive text messages to mobiles. In addition, our platform offers real-time SMS message reporting. That is, you can analyze and compare SMS campaigns quickly. The reports include information on: Sent messages. SMS delivered. Bounced SMS Clicks Conversions
  • Rich SMS Of course, the messages must have a link so that they are fully optimized. There are certain elements that cannot be missing in your SMS Marketing strategy, and the links are one of the most important and essential; also providing free Wi-Fi as a tool to Wi-Fi marketing for restaurants will help you to get more links open.
  • Massive SMS is an exceptional and efficient tool to communicate all kinds of information in real time or last minute offers, and Wi-Fi marketing its also a tool you can use to improve your text marketing message list.

Users, as you have seen, will instantly read your messages. So you will be able to create the most efficient communication.


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