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Tips for your social media marketing for restaurants

It has always been said that, what does not appear in traditional media (television, press, etc.), is as if it did not exist. Now, the roles have changed and what is not in social networks or in Google does not exist. For this, we are going to give you a series of tips in your social media strategy for restaurants.

Social media for restaurants

It is a way to reach the target audience and increases the chances of a potential customer finding you. The speed of propagation and diffusion of a content is very fast.

One of the benefits of social networks is that the impact it is having can be measured in real time. They do not need constant monitoring, but the results are updated automatically. In addition, it is a way of explaining where all the data comes from and the success obtained.

Keep in mind that customers are now "prosumers" this word is the mix between consumer and producer. What it means is that customers will share their experience on the Internet creating content about it. An example is a positive review of a restaurant in a social network.

A good online reputation builds trust, because today people trust more than other people can say than what the company says. Everyone knows that their purpose is to sell themselves.

In social networks it is opined, criticized and recommended. A good presence in social networks favors positive opinions. The advantage is that with this you can know the opinions and change those that are negative, you can interact with a dissatisfied customer and improve customer service.

Important points to consider when making a social media strategies for restaurants.

The first and most important is to create a profile of the company or restaurant in each of the social networks that suit your business. - Remember! Not all social networks serve the same! - In that profile we want to convey the values that make the restaurant unique and why it is a better option than others. The more social networks you have, the greater your reach. Set goals that are realistic and can be achieved and a marketing plan that makes it clear who you want to reach and what audience. Analyze and evaluate all actions every week.

Prepare a calendar of publications that includes content that interests the public frequently with advertising campaigns on Facebook for restaurants, Google Adwords or even twitter for restaurants.

Upload images of the highest quality possible to make you notice on Instagram for restaurants and show everyone that yours is better than the competition. For this you have to dedicate time and do a careful photography session.

Create a reservation and customer service channel. Publish the menu, the type of cuisine you offer, and the schedule.

Show how are the dishes that are prepared and how they are prepared to arouse interest in the gastronomic offer.

Take email marketing into account and send messages non-invasively so as not to be considered spam.


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