Social media keys

Keys to managing social media for restaurant

Social media marketing for restaurants is key to any business, here we detail what you can do to promote your restaurant on these platforms.

Know the value of social networks

Before starting the project you must be clear why you need social media strategies for restaurants. You cannot start a strategy without understanding the reason for it. The main thing you should know is that these profiles allow you to issue messages about your business, attract new customers and engage with new and existing customers.

Social networks are the same: social, so you must interact with your followers and want to receive engagement from them. You will seek to have more likes, comments and interaction in general. In your post you must show why they should visit your restaurant, in addition to showing your products, promotions, contests and more.

Develop a clear strategy

We have already mentioned the benefits of social networks for your strategy, so you must already be convinced to start developing a strategy. And, you need a plan to succeed on these platforms.

You must have a social media plan that includes what you will share to have a greater return on your investment (ROI), planning the type of content and the hours in which you will post it is basic. You cannot start publishing without a strategy, you need to create a style as well as a frequency and establish where to publish.

Something basic is knowing who you are going to, what your target audience is, that is, your ideal client. In determining this your strategy will be more fluid.

Define social networks to publish

Today there are many social networks where you can publish your content, the channels are diverse and with different characteristics. Among the most popular options are: Facebook for restaurants, Pinterest, Twitter for restaurants, Foursquare, Yelp !, Snapchat, Instagram for restaurants, YouTube, among others.

Depending on the business characteristic you will choose the platform that suits you best. You don't want to create a profile at all and then leave them because you don't have time to publish in each one. Choose the best channel for your restaurant, it is recommended that you start with two.

Today the most popular social media options for restaurants are Instagram and Facebook, but that will depend on your location, type of restaurant and target audience.


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