Social media for restaurants

Social media marketing for restaurants

More and more people consult social networks before going to a restaurant. Search for photos, comments, check if a friend has been to the site before in addition, they are a perfect channel for new guests to discover your establishment.

If you are not yet using social media for restaurants to promote your establishment, you are losing visibility and potential customers. We leave you some recommendations to get started in the world of social networks successfully.

Social networks require constant attention. Also, not all restaurant profiles fit all social networks. Study your audience well and determine what networks you are in before launching.

Your profiles have to be updated and with relevant information

If you decided to use Facebook for restaurants All social networks have a biography section. It is essential to take advantage of these spaces to give the most relevant information about your restaurant (American food, meat specialties ...). The most important data you should place are:

  • Kind of food
  • Schedules
  • Direction
  • Telephone contact
  • Website

The magic of the images

The images are ESSENTIAL on Instagram for restaurants. It is not worth that we upload a blurry photo with the mobile we publish it and we sit. It is sold through images and in the case of restaurants even more. We have to take care of the details to give the best possible image.

Once we have the perfect photo, we have to publish it on our social networks. Instagram is the king when it comes to uploading photos of our dishes or facilities. When it comes to food it is advisable not to use the famous filters since we want to give naturalness.

Another essential part of the process is hashtags. We have to have a careful hashtags strategy and above all constant. The photos must always carry some binding hashtags that help people find our content.

Listen and serve customers on social networks

In the search for the best possible experience, it is necessary to attend to all the people who mention us in social networks. Many of these mentions will be critical, but in the same way, it is necessary to answer them and solve the problems that may be occurring, this type of interaction are more common onFacebook for restaurants.

Immediacy is essential. If we have an open communication channel it is necessary to attend and take care of it. We cannot allow more than one hour to answer a client. In addition, and although it is more expensive, we must flee from the "type" answers that do not solve anything. The client has to see that there is a person behind, willing to help.

Take care of the presence in specialized portals So far, we have talked about “generalist” social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for restaurants) but there are some social networks that are specific to the hospitality and catering sector. Portals such as TripAdvisor are key to restaurants as a community is created around our establishment. As in the social media strategies for restaurants, we cannot control the inputs so we will have to take great care of what is said about us. If the experience of a client has not been good (for whatever reason) you have to answer and give your face to try to solve the problem.


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