Restaurant marketing plan

How to make a restaurant marketing online plan?

Every successful marketing action begins with a thorough planning. This planning must define the steps to follow and the necessary actions to reach the desired results. In these times of great competition in the restaurant sector it is vital to have this document. We will analyze this topic fully to show you how to develop a marketing plan that will help you get the most out of your restaurant.

What advantages does a restaurant marketing solutions plan offer?

  • It allows to know in detail the business, its weaknesses and strengths to help in making decisions from a perspective of knowledge and control more attached to reality.
  • It facilitates the visualization of goals and objectives
  • It allows to generate a document with a series of concrete actions to reach the goals and objectives in the short, medium and long term.

To facilitate the understanding of the development of a marketing plan, we will work with the plan of a restaurant that we will call “Mariscos Mar”, located in a coastal city of about 200 thousand inhabitants, with a concept of Mediterranean food and with capacity for 80 diners

  • Situational analysis

Any restaurant marketing agency that builds a plan, it must start with a complete internal evaluation of the business. An essential step to know what we have and what not. Something like doing an inventory of everything that makes up the restaurant, whether internal or external.

In marketing, a tool is used to perform this analysis called “SWOT Analysis”, named after the acronym of its components.

STRENGTHS (Internal aspect)

Elements that differentiate the restaurant. Advantages over the competition.

OPPORTUNITIES (External aspect)

Opportunities that exist for the restaurant. Market niches and favorable trends. Consumer habits and lifestyles that drive sales.

WEAKNESSES (Internal aspect)

Disadvantages of the business with respect to the competition. Limitations and aspects to improve within the restaurant.

THREATS (External aspect)

Negative changes of the environment. Direct competition, supply growth, similar concepts, etc.

Definition of objectives

With the information collected so far, we can set feasible objectives for the restaurants. In this sense it is important to define objectives at various levels, in the short, medium and long term, as well as in their diversity of scope: general and specific. A few examples can be, chance or update of our website, chance the restaurants image, make new online promotions, etc.

Create a document

Finally, all this strategy and content generated must be in writing, many times we forget how important it is to have a guide document. The plan will have objectives to be carried out in different time periods, so the most practical thing is to create a template where you can visualize the actions to be carried out according to the weeks, months and year.


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