Promotion on social media for restaurants

Ideas of promotions in social media marketing for restaurants

More and more people are turning to social networks to find a place to eat. Hence the importance of a restaurant to keep this channel alive and up to date, sharing fresh and attractive content with its menus, offers or services. If you already use social media strategies for restaurants to promote your brand, but still do not get the desired sales, it is time to intensify your marketing actions. An option that is very effective and at the same time is very simple to apply is to carry out promotions such as contests or raffles on social media for restaurants.

Keys to create social media promotions for restaurants

First of all, remember that it is very important to be clear about your goals. You can raise, among others, increase your database with new leads, promote a specific menu or offer, know the opinion of your customers, build loyalty or strengthen your brand image. But, in addition to defining your goals very well, you should also take into account the following factors:

Attractive prize:

In addition to awakening the interest of users to participate, it is recommended that it be related to your restaurant. In this way, customers' commitment to your brand is reinforced. You can sort from menus or dinners to tastings of products or discount coupons in future visits to the restaurant.

Contest Rules:

Clearly write all the steps to participate, the prizes and other conditions. Do you want to write some legal bases but you don't know how to do it? We put at your disposal a free tool for it!

Promotion duration:

It is important that customers know the day and time at which the contest begins and ends. The most common for your campaign to have a good dissemination is that this duration is at least 1 week.

Formula to assign the prize with guarantees:

You can assign the prize of your promotion in several ways: randomly among all participants, when registering, by manual assignment (winner chosen through a jury) or by winning moment. In addition, you will obtain a certificate of validity so that your promotion is as transparent, secure and reliable as possible. Whichever modality is chosen, the important thing is to generate a feeling of trust among the participants.

Communicate the name of the winner:

Remember to include in the legal bases how the name of the winner or winners will be communicated. Normally, once the contest or raffle has ended, a publication is made on social networks and also communicated by email (if any).

Depending on the social media, you can build you contest around that, if you use Instagram for restaurants you can build the best photo contest of your food; on Facebook for restaurants you could ask your clients to fill a survey, and on twitter for restaurants you could ask them to create a catchy slogan or to best describe a dish on a few characters.


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