Local SEO for restaurants

Local SEO for restaurants

Local SEO is a concept of online marketing almost as important as organic SEO and something to be taken into account by local companies.

Local SEO is designed so that users who use internet search engines find you more easily thanks to geolocation. If we search Google for “Italian restaurant”, the search engine will show you Italian restaurants taking into account your location. Hence, it is so important to have a good local SEO.

How to get a good SEO for my restaurant?

There are different tools that configured in the right way will make your local SEO the right one.

Google My Bussiness

It is a fundamental tool to give greater visibility to your local business, just by having a Google account, it is already possible to open your Google Business account. This tool is used by Google to manage the profiles of each company so that they appear in local results. It is important to fill in all fields with consistency and taking into account the keywords to position yourself favorably in your local SEO. Customers can also leave opinions on it. If the opinions are positive, it will make your positioning better in Google so it is very important to try to make satisfied customers leave a rating on our Google Business tab.

Google Plus

Yes, we already know that Google Plus is not a social network that is used a lot but it is essential for the positioning of a local business, it is Google, do not forget it. Create a local business page and complete the page appropriately. What is the most important? Having the contact information perfectly completed, includes the social networks of your business to add more power to the page and most importantly, add your website and verify it.


Another indispensable concept in local SEO is the NAP (Name-Address-Phone). If your business seeks a good SEO positioning in its territory it is essential that these data (Name-Address-Telephone) are perfectly defined and always the same, without any variations, we repeat, NO variations. So pay close attention to filling in the same information with all the sites where you register your website, do not move a comma. If not, you will lose local positioning. So much eye.

On Page Optimization

The structure of your website can also be used to position you locally. Meta tags and URLs play a very important role in local SEO, but remember, don't overoptimize that Google penalizes. Oh, and embed a map on your contact page so Google knows where you are.

Directory Registration

Enrolling in industry directories can also be very positive when it comes to improving your local SEO. If directories are an authority for Google, you will see it and improve your local positioning.

In short, if you have a business and your target audience is in a local environment, local SEO is something you should work for, and a lot. It will be very helpful when it comes to getting customers.


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