Keywords for SEO

Examples of keywords in local SEO for restaurants

Establishing the right keywords for both the ideal user of our type of company and the sector or scope of the company itself is not easy.

The keywords have to be thermal of univocal meaning that, whether simple or compound, always combine from the general to the particular, allowing the user to find the web in a specific semantic context and the company to appear as one of the most relevant results of the list.

This list is drawn up automatically by the search engine robot, that is, an algorithm that detects the established keywords and then gives a specific position. It is the algorithm that interests us.

Next, we will give an example of what would be the most appropriate web positioning keywords for a national fast food restaurant chain. Let's say that this chain has a presence in Madrid, Barcelona, Valncia and now it will expand to Seville.

In Seville it will offer its basic menu of products and will be sold to the Sevillian public as a familiar and pleasant place that is worth visiting any day of the week, especially on weekends.

Naturally, a general keyword, the one that provides the context, is "fast food restaurant". Positioning will always be more effective if we use content variants, such as "fast food place".

Next, we must be concretized, and for this we will use the keyword «fast food place in Seville». That will provide Google with a secondary descriptor related to the topographic or geographical aspect of the company.

The algorithm will automatically discard all the results related to fast food restaurants that are not specifically located in Seville. The third and final keyword could be "fast food local Eat Well in Seville".

Of course, Eat Well is the name of the restaurant, and by adding it we guarantee that the website appears first in Google my business for restaurants results. This is how a good SEO my restaurant strategy is built. To achieve this, it is clear that we must analyze both our business and the main potential customers.


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