How to build a SEO strategy for your restaurant

SEO positioning strategy

You must be clear that each project would need a different SEO positioning strategy. After all, an online store is not the same as a personal blog!. But regardless of how your project is there are common aspects on which you can apply a series of basic guidelines and design an SEO strategy that helps you improve your web positioning; in this case, we will focus on Local SEO for restaurants.

Phases for planning an SEO positioning strategy

Defining objectives at the SEO level of our project.

As we have already mentioned, SEO should be integrated into the rest of our digital restaurant marketing strategy. And based on this we should establish our objectives and the results to be achieved with SEO positioning, in order to develop a marketing strategy, you can also consider hiring a marketing agency to help you create your strategy.

Defining our key terms of interest.

We must discover what are the search terms that customers will use to find us, to define what search terms we would us Having this list as a base we can expand it using tools such as Google Keyword Planner and obtain some key terms, we will have to filter and repeat this process until we have a list of search terms that allow us to attract relevant traffic.

How does the competition? Benchmarking

We will analyze our competition at the SEO level to see what are the elements and techniques they have used, and of course, we will check which with the key terms that allow them to attract qualified traffic. We may find search terms that we have not considered at first. In that case, we must return to the previous step and reconsider the process. Surely when analyzing the pages of the competition you find interesting aspects that are not strictly SEO. You should review your marketing strategy at a global level to get the most out of all the information obtained from your competition.

Objectives and techniques to use.

At this point, you have to be clear about the pages of your website that you want to promote at SEO level, the search terms used by customers and how the competition gets traffic. Now you must choose the SEO techniques and the most efficient tools based on the information collected and put them into practice. It is best to organize a good calendar by setting specific goals and deadlines.

Measurement and feedback.

You need to define a web metric strategy. That way, you can measure the results and if they are consistent with the objectives you have set. Analyze how far you are from your goals, which areas you need to improve, which have been the searches that have really generated qualified traffic, etc. With all this data you should rethink your strategy, both at SEO level and at a more general level and look for areas for improvement, and also don’t forget to add your social media for restaurants at your SEO strategy.


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