Google my business for restaurants

Local SEO for restaurants

If you want to put your business on a map you must do Local SEO, Google My Business and Google Maps which are the main tools to achieve it. Sorry, but what is Google My Business for? Quiet. In this post I will tell you everything you need to be on the map, from signing up for Google My Business to strategies for receiving calls every day.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, formerly called Google Places, is a free Google platform. It has two objectives: to help business owners increase that they are seen and that people find and review the businesses in their area.

Is your registration in Google My Business essential for SEO for my restaurant?

Google My Business for restaurants is for companies to "promote" what they do. And this is how someone who is looking for something in your area of influence can see you on the map.

The difference with normal searches is that it is Geolocated on Google Maps, and you can find a list of different companies that offer similar services.

Having this tab is essential to make a good SEO Local. If you have a local business and want to appear on the map, it is NECESSARY that you have a Google My Business account.

Is Google My Business free?

Google My Business is absolutely FREE and the truth that any company can have your account. (I even have mine for my personal brand). But it is usually more efficient if you have a clothing store, restaurants, laundries, nurseries, dentists, etc.

Remember, Opening a Google My Business account is FREE and easy, but it should work if you want to have good results.


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