Disavantages of text marketing

The disadvantages of using Text marketing for restaurants

Like everything good, text marketing also has its points against it. On the one hand, there is the danger that your message is considered spam, malicious, untimely for the user and even fraudulent. At the other point, it is important that you review your country's laws and consumer protection. You have to have the authorization to access that contact and send promotional material.

Another point against this is that unlike email marketing, SMS is subject to a small number of characters. You will not have the opportunity to explain your offer in detail. So be clear about what you want to communicate to be effective and generate reactions in your audience.

This medium does not work to convey sensitive or compromising information to customers, that is, bad news, losses and so on. Despite being a direct channel, it is still considered informal.

Another disadvantage is that in some countries the cost of courier mass delivery services is quite high. This has to do in part with the telephone providers, which makes some SMEs give up joining this strategy. Sometimes the recipient of the message can ignore it even if it is open, and most of the cases if there's a link on the message, you need to make sure the message it's clear and will not lead to confusion thinking it could lead to some malicious software.

Wifi marketing for restaurants helps to get an online list of potential message recipients, but this can be also complicated since not everybody its comfortable by fill in forms at the web, regardless it will be to have access at a restaurant for free wifi, every step must be taken carefully to achieve our Wifi marketing goals


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