US visa renewal

How to renew a US visa?

You have already passed the How to get US visa issue, now the problem is that your visa will expire soon, but you are wondering if there's any change in the process and if it could be easier this time. Well, If you want to renew your visa to the United States in the same category and do not want an interview with a consul of that country, you will have to do the renewal process in the twelve months after the expiration date.

This was stipulated with the new global order of US President Donald Trump, in order to increase the security of issuance of visas globally. Before the issuance of the rule, applicants seeking to renew their visa of the same category selected to be exempted from the interview, if the US visa application process is completed within 48 months after expiration.

People who need to renew their visa of the same category at this time, and within the 12 months established, have to fill out the embassy form and go to the Applicant Assistance Center (CAS) for the sea printed the document in their passport, as has happened in recent years.

The US embassy, warns that this can have an impact on the waiting time to schedule a US visa appointment at the Consulate. It is recommended to those who want to travel or are planning to travel to the United States to begin the visa application process as early as possible.

And as always, the consular officer may require a personal interview in any situation in which the information provided in the application indicates, that’s one of the reasons it is suggested to do the application with time before selecting a specific date to fly US.


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