US visa for childrens under 14 years

How to get a US visa for children under 14?

When we are going to carry out a procedure that involves one of our family members, it is very important to be clear about the steps to follow, much more when these procedures are related to the smallest of the family. Thinking about you and your well-being, you should consider and how to get the American Visa for children under 14 years old. Making the process is very simple, it is the same as the procedure for adults, with the difference that children under 14 are exempt from presentation at the American Embassy and apply as follows:

Request US Visa to children under 14 if the parents do not have a visa:

Parents can obtain the American Visa and present themselves at the American Embassy with the documents of the minors without the need for the children to attend the US visa appointment. Children qualify for parents, which means that if they approve the American visa for parents, children under 14 will also have it.

Because the minors qualify for the parents, in these cases it is recommended that the parents or one of them apply for the American visa with the minor so that there is a greater probability of approval. In the event that only one of the parents is present, the absence of the other must be justified and in case of divorce, the custody of the child must be certified.

Get US Visa to children under 14 if parents have an American Visa:

In this case, it is not necessary to present at the American Embassy, neither the parents nor the minor. Just send the documents that we made of the US visa application and the child's passport along with the copy of the parents' visas to the American Embassy and about 20 business days after the child's Visa will be approved (it applies in most of the cases and when the child has not had previous denials). This way it can only be done if both parents or one of them has a valid American Visa.

Although no interview is required, the consular officer may request the parents in an interview when the documents have already been sent. In addition, it is important to know that the cost of consular rights to the child must also be paid and the DS160 form must be completed accompanied by a series of documents that if not done diligently can hinder the process.


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