SERPS at SEO restaurants

What does SERP mean?

The acronym SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. These results are those that appear on the platforms of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Yandex a Russian search engine.

The order of the results or websites will depend on how attached those websites are to the criteria demanded by the search engine. Google, for example, includes by default ten results in each SERP, which means that the 10 most relevant search results appear on the first page of results. So, knowing the right criteria is very important at your restaurant marketing strategy to be at the top.

Being on this first page of results, and especially in the coveted first places, is very important for a website. It is estimated that the first 5 results of the SERP take 75% of the visits. 99.1% of all clicks, in fact, stay in the first SERP. That is, if you do not appear here, you have less than .1% chance of finding your site. Finding the right marketing agency that takes notice of the SERPS criteria it's very important

What are the types of results that Google offers?

To identify what kind of results appear in a SERP, let's look for an example of "Madrid restaurants".

In the first part, sponsored results will appear, that is, Google Ads. These results are not organic and the only way to appear among them is by paying. When the search is directly related to the purchase of a product, a flight or the reservation at a Hotel, Google displays under the ads a special box with prices, map and additional filtering options. In the case of restaurants, when done a local search it will display the restaurants nearby your location.

Related questions

The type of results that the SERP throws also depends on the type of request we make to the search engine. For example, if we change the search to “where is the city of Madrid?”, A box of related questions will appear, along with the organic results and the map

Local results

Now, let's do a different kind of search: “Seafood restaurants in Madrid, Spain”. Google identifies that it is a local search and the first thing that displays us is a map with options, ratings, and reviews. The use of right local SEO for restaurants in these cases its important in order to make sure you will appear on the top.

SERPs can also display videos, images, news, itineraries, featured snippets, brand results, social media for restaurants, etc. It is essential to know what kind of results we should appear, to focus our marketing efforts on them. What are the SERPs for?

It is very useful for Internet users as they have a large number of options to choose from, and also for companies with digital marketing goals and for those who implement SEO. We can improve our position in this list of results that the search engine yields and increase the chances of generating a significant number of organic traffic to our website.


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