SEO tips for restaurants

In any major city of the world, there are a lot of competition when it comes to restaurants options, to this fact we must add the leading role that the consumer now has as a “gastronomic critic” on platforms that allow you to enter a score such as Google My Business or Tripadvisor, or through the dissemination of photos on social networks. For this reason, having a restaurant marketing strategy could be considered a measure of survival in an environment as competitive as that of the restaurant sector.

Here are 5 tips to raise your restaurant’s digital marketing strategy:

Your social media for restaurants should be professionalized

At the moment, the social network that generates the most impact among users within the catering sector is Instagram: it is the most used in front of Facebook and its highly visual content makes it the perfect social network to carry out a growth strategy in social networks.

This includes uploading posts, at least, two days a week, following different lines of content, taking great care of the aesthetic and visual part, and, ultimately, working to generate interaction with users.

In your profile, you can publicize your most outstanding dishes, the ones that your customers like the most (or even publications of your own customers!), The different areas of your place, the people who work there ... there are multiple possibilities.

The options that Instagram gives us to restaurants in 2019 must be taken advantage of: playing with the highlighted stories to present the user with useful information in an attractive way is a good move.

Take care of your restaurant's SEO positioning

A local SEO for restaurants strategy can be very beneficial, especially because there are many restaurants that neglect this area of digital marketing completely.

SEO is a set of techniques to improve the visibility of organic results in search engines (especially Google, which is the most used search engine). In other words, a sum of actions that make a website scale positions in Google for certain keywords; the best way to achieve your SEO goals is to hire a restaurant agency specialized on this matter, to handle your websites.

Your profiles on the most influential opinion platforms should be optimized

Google My Business, your Tripadvisor profile, El Tenedor, Foursquare, or Yelp are places where satisfied (and dissatisfied) users will review your restaurant. So it is important that there is representation by the restaurant and take care of every single commentary that the users may leave at these platforms, which it’s a very important way to get feedback from your costumers.

Open WiFi for your customers

To stimulate your customers and make them upload photos of your restaurant on social networks, provide free WiFi and good quality. If you can (and aligns with the concept of your restaurant), make sure that the name of the network and the password can be easily read from anywhere on the premises.

Send newsletter with special offers, menus, and events

One of the best loyalty tools that exist for your restaurant is e-mail marketing, although it is important to note that it is not appropriate to abuse this push mode.

Send newsletter only when you are able to offer high-value content for your regular customers, such as new offers and promotions.


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