SEO: How to link build?

Link building tactics on local SEO for restaurants

There are concrete link building tactics that can help us systematize our task on your restaurant marketing strategies, as it follows.

Through content: This technique condenses what we call obtaining passive links in the previous point. It consists of improving your content in a way that brings value and is a source that everyone wants to link. A variant, the link baiting, implies generating concrete content with the purpose of generating attention and links. Within the link baiting we would include the creation of infographics, controversial websites, reports and studies, etc.

Through contacts: A person or organization has a series of relationships that it has built over time. The more connected you are, the greater the number of relationships you will have established. And these relationships can be moved to the online world in the form of links. For example, it is very possible that among your family or closest friends, several have blogs or other types of web. It is normal for employees of a restaurant agency to have their own page. It is normal for distributors, customers and people who serve an organization to have an online presence, so it is important that an SEO is well connected and always has a good number of contacts in the online sector. Do not see it as asking for a favor, but as a way to add value with your website to another page.

Directories and social repositories:There are good and bad directories and repositories; The maximum to know if they are positive for us is: Will it bring me traffic from people who click on the link? In general, a link that generates this type of traffic will be positive. If you want SEO value, focus on the following points:

Niche directories: Niche directories are those that try to provide information about a very specific sector. For example, directories of technology blogs or directories of technology companies. Here you can even put listings or compilations that fulfill the same function on pages or blogs, for example: «The best marketing agencies in Spain». Here we could try to communicate with the author to justify why he should include ours or try to reach him by other means.

Local directories: These are especially relevant for local businesses such as restaurants, bars, driving schools, etc. Not only do they provide great value, but Google reviews many of them to verify your business information, and the activity and comments generated in them have a great influence. You can find more information in the post how to improve your local SEO.

Social media for restaurants: Most Social Networks allow you to generate a link to your website, and most are indexable to Google. This does not mean that you have to create a profile in each network that exists, but that you make sure that you take advantage of your social presence in this sense in the channels that make sense to use for your website. Apart from that, Google+ has a huge effect on the positioning of a website as recent studies show


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