Visa insurace

Medical insurance, new requirement to process the American visa

The government of President Donald Trump has announced that he will deny as of November 3 the American visa to foreigners who do not have medical insurance or money to pay for their health care in U.S.

Applicants must check insurance

According to the decree signed by Trump, as part of how to get a US visa, requests made abroad will only be accepted if at the time of US visa application, the applicant show they have the ability to obtain health insurance in the first month of their arrival in the United States.

The other option is for the visa applicant to demonstrate that he has the financial resources to pay "reasonably foreseeable medical costs." Even the fulfillment of this requirement doesn’t assure that you get the visa, the final negation or approval for your visa will be determined by the consul during the US visa appointment. A new requirement for the visa in 2019

The order noted that refunds will no longer be made to hospitals and health care providers in the United States for treatment granted to people without insurance. "The costs associated with this care are transferred to the American people in higher taxes, as well as in premiums and higher rates for medical services," according to the decree released by the White House on its website.


The measure will not apply to people who already have immigrant visas, asylum seekers, refugees, children of US citizens living abroad or special visa holders for citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan who helped US forces in those countries, among others.


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