US visa: no intermediaries

You don't need intermediaries to apply for a US visa:

This year, the US embassy in Bogotá announced that it will revoke 2,200 visas for having been fraudulently processed. These citizens, according to the authorities, paid a criminal network to adapt their profile to one that guaranteed the approval of the document.

Although there are agencies that provide services to assist in the completion of the form and the preparation of documents to support the US visa application, and this, while based on the truth, is not illegal, you should know that it is not necessary to pay for these procedures, because you can fill out the form yourself and schedule the US visa appointment to request it.

There is no complete guarantee of its approval, but if it meets the criteria that the country considers relevant to allow visits to its territory, it is most likely that they will grant the visa.

In fact, the embassy page says how to get a US visa, is not a matter of luck: “Luck has nothing to do with the outcome of your interview. Consular officers make their decision based solely on the law, regulations, and policies of the US Department of State ”

Recommendations when applying for a visa:

Be honest

Always telling the truth about the reasons for your trip, and your personal and economic conditions is the first requirement of the USA to grant the visa.

Your written and oral responses must be consistent

Both in the form and in the interview, you must answer consistently to the questions asked about the travel plan, because the inaccuracies will cause the consuls to consider that you have not been sincere and have other intentions to your trip to the United States.

Properly fill out form DS-160

To obtain a nonimmigrant visa - when you go as a tourist, to do business, to study, to a convention - that is, when your claim is not to settle in the United States, you must fill out Form DS-160.

To do this, prepare all the documents and data of your trip beforehand, so it will be much easier to fill out the form. That same information should be kept in mind on the day of the interview. If you have family members in the United States and will be staying with them, you should mention it on the form and in the interview, because immigration authorities can have that information registered and deny it will be a lack of the requirements that that country requires to grant the visa.

Likewise, if you want to travel as a student or to participate in an event related to your work you must support it and take the letter of acceptance to the educational institution or invitation to the convention to the interview.

Do not buy tickets before obtaining a visa

The US embassy is very clear in suggesting applicants not to buy air tickets before the visa is granted because they could lose money if it’s not granted.


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