US Visa: L1 to work

What is the L1 visa?

The L1 visa allows employees of foreign companies that have a branch in the United States to enter the country to work in it. It is common for executives who have been relocated in the US manage to enter the nation thanks to this document.

Generally, the processing of how to get us visa of this type, lasts between one and four months. However, the process can be accelerated by paying a Premium Process to the Immigration Department.

The applicant most fill a US visa application to request the visa, and must also present the documentation at the time of the US visa appointment

Types of L1 visa

L1-A: transfer of executives or managers within the same company. This visa allows an employer to send an executive or manager to the US. The foreign company can have an affiliated office in this nation or the person can be transferred with the intention of establishing it.

This visa will be granted to those who have been sent to supervise people or processes. It is necessary for the person to occupy a managerial position in his or her country of origin, but it must be carried out in the United States. It is also important that the reason for the transfer is well justified, as this will facilitate the processing of the visa.


For those looking to create a branch of your company: 1 year. For those who will work in an established branch: 3 years. The request for extension of stay can be granted for 2 years until the maximum 7 years.

L1-B: transfer of professionals or experts within the same company. This visa allows an employer to transfer a professional from your work team, from a company abroad to one of its offices in the US. If the company does not yet have an allied office in this country, the professional can be sent with the objective of opening it.

This visa is granted to those who have acquired specialized knowledge about the products or processes of the company mentioned in the procedure.


The duration of the L1-B visa is the same as the L1-A: between 1 and 3 years depending on the case; but, unlike A, the extension of L1-B can be maximized for 5 years.

Basic requirements:

The employee must have worked in the company of the country of origin, for at least one continuous year and within three years prior to his request, occupying an executive, managerial position or demonstrating specialized knowledge.

Extra fact:

Obtaining this visa depends on the characteristics of the home company. This must be registered and active, in addition to having a considerable structure of employees. Contact us to find out if your company meets the basic requirements to apply for the L1 visa for any of your workers.

Costs of the L1 visa:

All persons who opt for this visa, must pay the fee of $ 190 of the DS-160 that is generated by each of the applicants, added to all other costs that have to do with the assembly of the file, according to the profile of the applicant.


Entering the United States with a temporary work visa has great advantages for you and your family, know them below:

  • You can enter and leave the US whenever you want.
  • The L1 visa allows you to live with your family: spouse and children (single) under 21 years.
  • The applicant and their spouse can work, study and live in the USA. legally. The children, on the other hand, do not have permission to work in the country.
  • The applicant and their relatives have the option of opting for residence in the United States. in approximately 2 and a half years, if they meet the requirements established by immigration.
  • The L1 visa allows you to manage multiple applications, using the name of the same company.

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