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Why should you take care of your bar or restaurant's profile on TripAdvisor?

Having an open profile on TripAdvisor and not managing it properly or having it abandoned is, as in other platforms or social networks, a danger and a waste of time in your restaurant marketing strategy.

Advantages of taking care of your profile:

Know the opinion of your customers:

Essential to know the tastes and needs of your customers, that will help you to improve your local SEO for restaurants, and use new strategies according to your costumer’s demand.

Reputation as a brand:

Offer a quality of treatment beyond what you offer in your establishment. If potential customers who consult your profile see that you respond to criticism, that you are present and worry they will know that you want to offer quality. On the other hand, positive comments made by customers give credibility to your brand and attract future customers.


Criticisms, if constructive, are necessary to prosper and adapt to user demands. The use of social media for restaurants as a way to have feedback with your clients is a very powerful tool to enhance your restaurant's services; if you’re not present getting that feedback from your profile your missing key marketing tips that your clients deliver for free.

Loyalty of customers:

A dissatisfied customer can change his mind if he observes good behavior and predisposition to change in your establishment. Similarly, a happy customer can see a bad attitude on your part and change your mind. It is a good way to show your values as a brand and get loyal customers.

Now the risks of not managing the profile or observing the criticisms received would be:

Reputation damaged:

Possible negative opinions not answered or poorly answered will further damage the reputation of your business.

Authenticity: If you include in your profile false images of the establishment or a description that does not resemble what it really is, that lack of honesty can attract your customers at first, but they will quickly realize that what you promised does not exist or is distorted. It is important not to generate false expectations so that whoever decides to go to your business does so knowing where he is going and what he is going to find.

So, if you have any social media account or platform you use for your restaurant marketing, you’ll need time to get the feed from this account and keep your loyal clients or potential interested in your brand.


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