Text marketing for restaurants

SMS Marketing is a powerful marketing tool for restaurant marketing, as it allows customers and target audiences to be reached quickly with minimal investment. Most people in the world have a mobile phone, since there are about 7 billion devices in the world. This means that more and more companies are adding the SMS in the communication channels with their clients and other interest groups.

What is SMS marketing?

As its name indicates the SMS marketing is the use of text messages (SMS) with marketing objectives to those who have authorized to receive this type of message from the company. For sending it is usually necessary to have an SMS application.

One of the success factors in digital marketing is relevance, which is why I consider that the most effective use of SMS marketing is for important transactional messages and alerts, although it can also be used sporadically to inform about offers and promotions, and it can help you improve your local SEO for restaurants.

Benefits of SMS marketing

The main benefits of SMS marketing are:

  • Powerful:SMS does not need a data network to reach its receiver, which significantly increases its reach. It is important to note that many of the mobile phone plans in Latin America and Spain come with free text messages (SMS).
  • High open rate:SMS unlike other digital channels, like 
social media for restaurants, have a high open-rate, some studies show that more than 90% of text messages (SMS) are opened.Measurable:SMS marketing strategies can be easily measured to be able to measure its effectiveness.Low-cost strategy:SMS marketing can be adopted by companies of all sizes due to its low cost of implementation and high return on investment (ROI). It generates trust in the customer: many of the uses of the SMS such as purchase confirmation, order status and delivery of relevant information, provides confidence, security, and proximity to the consumer.Personalized information:the text message (SMS) sending strategy allows you to personalize the messages, calling the customer by name and sending information of interest to him.It complements the email marketing strategy:although email marketing and SMS marketing have important differences, they are usually very effective when working together.

Uses text messages (SMS)

Some ideas for the use of SMS marketing according to the type of company are:

  • Electronic stores:inform customers of the status of transactions and when a product is ready to be delivered.
  • Bars and restaurants:send text messages (SMS) with reservation notifications and news on them.
  • Banks:inform your clients about your recent financial transactions.
  • Education:Communicate program changes and absences to students with a text message.
  • Travel agencies:send reservation information, travel tips and special offers to your customers.
  • Service companies that require appointments:send SMS reminders of your customers' appointments, which will save time and money wasted on absences and late appointments.
  • Large companies:Send text messages with urgent information to employees and emails may be too slow.


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