Picture perfect for instagram

How to take good photos for your restaurant marketing Instagram profile

A picture worth’s more than a thousand words, that’s an old said but also its true fact, otherwise social media such as Instagram wouldn’t have so much acceptance as it does; in order to take advantage of this visual tool for the local SEO for restaurants that you want to promote, and also make a good amount of use of your social media for restaurants, we have a few tips to help you improve the pictures you take to promote your place. The first thing you should take into account is the lighting when you want to publish a plate of food the last thing you want is to be pale. Avoid using the flash or strong lights over the head, instead, take photos near the window with a lighter light source for a natural look.

Invite the action with simple proposals. Place the spoon next to the soup plate, in general, a cutlery next to the plate. He achieves a bit of drama by showing details such as the wine cork and the bottle. Post a short video with how ice is added to a prepared beverage.

Add texture, this is achieved with contrasts in colors and textures of a plate. That adds more definition to the dimension of the photo. For example, bright strawberries on ice cream will highlight it, or green ornaments like parsley on soup.

Using Instagram filters will help you improve the quality of the photos a bit. Edit them with some measure to make them look much better. You prefer to take the photos with the regular camera of your phone, so you will get better quality, especially zoom. Then take the photos to Instagram and use the editing tools.

Do not show only photos of the dishes or drinks on your menu, remember that your restaurant is more than that. There is an environment that you want those who follow you to see, so upload photos of the interior of the premises, of your staff working, among others.

Follow etiquette rules on Instagram

Treat your interactions on social networks as if they were in person. Behave in the best way and treat people in the same way as you would if they visit your restaurant, that is, be courteous and friendly. Your online presence must be professional.

If you receive negative comments, respond on time and tell people things like that you value their opinion. Give thanks for the comment, show that you understand the problem and do not fight with the client. Give them a reason to return and have a better experience.

If the problem continues to grow, it is best to speak directly with the client. Do it through direct messages from social networks.

With these Instagram marketing strategies for restaurants, you can have an optimized profile, get more followers and likes for your business


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